Let’s challenge the coronavirus pandemic together with the online e-Governance Conference!

In light of the developing coronavirus outbreak, the e-Governance Conference team has decided to challenge the pandemic by organising the 6th e-Governance Conference “Giant leaps start with small steps” online. The conference will be held on 18 – 21 May 2020 at egovconference.ee.

According to Hannes Astok, Deputy Director of the e-Governance Academy, the e-Governance Conference has promoted e-governance and digital transformation for 5 years, now it is time to prove that nothing can stop life when you use e-services and the Internet.

“The online e-Governance Conference moves to a totally new era of online conferencing. We are organising an engaging and evolving conference that utilises the best current technological opportunities. The conference will include case studies of different governments, keynote presentations and expert feedback on the keynotes, culminating with real-time interactive sessions on each topic that accommodate participants in different time zones. Hence, we invite governments, local authorities and businesses to take a closer look at the experiences of other countries to set brave goals and plan the next steps in their country!” said Astok.

This year’s discussions will focus on the governments’ current challenges with helping citizens to manage their lives and businesses online:

  1. Converting a vision into actionable steps: what are the essential steps in digital transformation and how can you get started?
  2. How can you make digital a cross-cutting part of a country’s development and how can you finance it?
  3. Adopting big changes: How can the transition to a cloud-based services architecture affect governments?

Conference speakers include the author of the bestseller “Non-Bullshit Innovation,” David Rowan; the Washington Institute scholar, Avi Jorisch, the CIO of Estonian Government Siim Sikkut, and other top visionaries and practitioners of digital transformation from Estonia and around the world.

This year’s conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first steps on the moon. Linnar Viik, programme director of the e-Governance Conference, sees many parallels between preparing for a moonwalk and digital transformation in government.

As we know, this giant leap for humankind started with small steps: research, meetings, programming, technology development, etc. The same principle applies to digital transformation and e-governance development. Achieving long-term goals with continuous innovation that utilises smaller projects based on common principles will be one of the key learning and sharing objectives of the e-Governance Conference 2020,” said Linnar Viik.


The e-Governance Conference is an annual event organised by e-Governance Academy (eGA) since 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. The e-Governance Academy (eGA) is a think tank and consultancy organisation founded for the creation and transfer of knowledge and best practice concerning digital transformation in government.

A more detailed description of the topics with keynote speakers, experts involved in panels and background materials will published soon at egovconference.ee.

For inquiries, please contact us at conference@ega.ee

For media accreditation, please contact Ms Anu Vahtra-Hellat, eGA Communications Manager at anu.vahtra-hellat@ega.ee