e-Governance Conference

Giant Leaps Start With Small Steps


18-21 May 2020

Important announcement

In light of the developing coronavirus outbreak, the e-Governance Conference team has decided to challenge the pandemic by looking at opportunities to organize the 6th e-Governance Conference online.

The e-Governance Conference has promoted e-governance and digital transformation for 5 years, now it is time to prove that nothing can stop life when you use e-services and the Internet.

We are examining the opportunities to organize the conference virtually and will inform you soon of our next steps.

Until then we are closing the registration for the conference and recommend registered participants to cancel their travel and accommodation arrangements. Paid participation fees will be refunded.

e-Governance Conference Organising Team




This year’s conference celebrates the anniversary of the first walk on the Moon by humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. As we know, this giant leap for humankind started with small steps: research, meetings, programming, technology development, etc.

The same principle applies to digital transformation and e-governance development.

Achieving long term goals with continuous innovation that utilises smaller projects based on common principles will be one of the key learning and sharing objectives of the e-Governance Conference 2020.

Keynote presentations, parallel sessions and panel discussions concentrate on the practical aspects of strategically designing digital agendas and collaborative models for e-governance.

The e-Governance Conference is an annual event organised by
e-Governance Academy (eGA) since 2015.

Explore last year’s event 2019.egovconference.ee

Who is the Conference for?


Public sector decision-makers and strategists from countries implementing national e-governance strategies

Donor organisations supporting the development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions

Business community developing e-governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation

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